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Frequently Asked Questions About Airline Tickets

Below you can find FAQ when it comes to airline tickets. If you have a question that has not been covered below please send it to us using our contact form and we will do our best to provide you with an answer

Where do I buy plane tickets?

You have a couple of options to buy airline tickets. First one is, of course, buying airline tickets online. There are many websites where you can compare air ticket prices and you can then decide to book the cheapest airline tickets online. You will need to have your travel dates ready as you will be asked for your departure date. Usually airline tickets come cheaper if you book round trip

I have heard that buying plane tickets at the airport is cheaper. Is this true?

Shortly, no. In most cases you will be able to purchase airline ticket at the airport only few days before the trip. And it will not come with a discount. This is the most expensive airline ticket you can buy, as airlines charge service fee per ticket at the airport counter. So buying the airline tickets online is the cheapest option.

What are the top sites for cheap airline tickets?

If you have your favorite airline you should by any means book flight tickets on their website. The other option is to check the airline ticket price on one of travel websites. They will compare airline ticket prices from several hundred sources. You will be asked to put your travel dates and list of different prices/airlines will pop up in matter of seconds. There you will be able to book the cheapest possible airline ticket.

When should I buy airline tickets? When are the flights cheapest? Should I wait to buy plane tickets or do it now?

According to various sources, to get the cheapest possible price for airline ticket online you should book it 40-60 days ahead your trip. So, if you already have your travel dates set make sure to go airline ticket shopping at least 2 months ahead.

Do airline ticket prices really go down on Tuesdays? Is that true?

As crazy as this might sound it could actually be true. While doing online research on topic of affordable airline tickets we found an article published on USA Today website which says that if airline makes decision to cut the price of an airline ticket it will announce it on Monday, making airline tickets with reduced price available on Tuesday morning. On that day, the other airlines will follow and decrease their tickets price in order to match the price of decreased airline ticket making Tuesday afternoon absolutely the best possible day and time to buy cheap airline tickets. They would usually pull discounted airline tickets of the market by Thursday. So, Tuesday IS probably the best day and Friday is the worst day of the week for booking cheap airline tickets.

Does my baby have to pay for airline ticket?

Most airlines offer discount of up to 50% off for children under 2. This is for domestic flights. For international this discount goes up to 10%. But to be absolutely sure check this information with your chosen airline.

I am traveling with my pet. Do I have to pay the airline ticket for my dog?

Airlines do not issue tickets for dogs or other pets but they WILL charge you a pet fee which is from $100 to $200 each way. Only then you can bring a crated dog into the cabin and place the crate under the seat. Again, this information vary from airline to airline. Confirm it with your chosen air transportation provider.

Do I Need a Passport to Book international airline ticket?

No. Airlines do not require your passport number in order to book your international airline ticket. You will just need contact info, payment and billing information.

International Flight Experience

Check out this cool video and see for yourself what can you expect on an international Lufthansa flight across the Atlantic! 

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